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01. 27. 2023

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Minecraft was the original title of the Bedrock Edition, which Mojang Studios developed for mobile devices prior to 1.2.0. However, subsequent builds are often referred to as Pocket Edition. Pocket Edition introduced the Bedrock Engine. Later, it was ported to non-mobile platforms and became four editions of Minecraft: Windows 10, Gear VR Edition (Apple TV Edition), Fire TV Edition (Fire TV Edition). The "Edition" subtitle was removed from these editions after the Better Together Update. Minecraft became the official name for all editions. These versions were collectively referred to by the Minecraft community as Bedrock Edition to clarify. Bedrock is the name of the C++ source codebase from which they all come.

Pocket Edition was first launched for the Xperia Play via Google Play for US$6.99, August 16, 2011. Later, it was released for all Android devices on October 7, 2011 and iOS on November 17, 2011. The Pocket Edition was released on September 13, 2012 and can be purchased through the Amazon Appstore. The demo/lite version, which was basically version 0.2.1 with no world save functionality, was available on the Amazon Appstore until October 21, 2013. On December 10, 2014, the Windows Phone 8.1 version was made available on the Microsoft Store. After the release of v0.16.2, the Windows Phone version 8.1 was removed. A Windows 10 Mobile version was released on December 10, 2014. Pocket Edition for Fire OS was no more available for Fire TV. However, the new Fire TV Edition was made free of charge to its owners after the release of 1.0.0.


The HUD and other elements have been adapted to mobile gaming standards. Interactions can be made via touchscreen (both Pocket Edition's iOS and Android versions have the same gameplay). Several features were modified to address the drawbacks of touchscreen gameplay. The crafting system uses MATTIS and items can be disposed of by long-tapping the icon on the toolbar. Blocks that are being targeted on mobile devices should be highlighted, not outlined, to improve visibility. Windows 10 edition's crafting options are similar to Java's and Console's. The graphics were similar to Java Edition Alpha's (bright green grass blocks and old cobblestone texture), when the game was released. ) but graphics have been updated to v0.8.0 and include light tinting and shading that are affected by the sun's position. The Java Edition has some differences:

Multiplayer allows for four ways to connect players: - Through LAN which allows 5 players to be on one world. - Through Pocket Realms. Pocket Realms was removed in v0.7.6. It is now available in Alpha v0.15.0.
- Through an external server that is user-created.
- Through Xbox Live


Twitter released a video of an early prototype, which showed the game on the Xperia Play. The alpha version was released later and became available to all Xperia Play users on October 7, 2011. The Android version, which was non-exclusive, was to be released on September 29, but there were many serious bugs that needed to fixed. The release was delayed until October 7.