How to get Bees in Minecraft

01. 11. 2023

How to get Bees in Minecraft

Are you interested in learning how to raise Bees in Minecraft? Bees in Minecraft are not only cute pets. They can also be very useful in many situations. They can speed up your plants' growth through pollination and help you get special blocks like Honeycomb and Honeycomb.

We have everything you need to know about Bees. We'll discuss the differences between Beehives & Bee Nests, how they are made, and what factors influence Bee behaviour. Finally, we'll show you how to harvest Honeycomb and Honeycomb from them.

How to get bees in Minecraft

Bees naturally spawn in groups up to three inside their Bee Nests. Bee Nests can only spawn in oak or birch trees within certain biomes.

These are the biomes where Bee Nests could spawn. They range in probability from the highest to the lowest:

– Sunflower Plains (5%) – Plains (5%)
– Flower Forest (2%)
– Forest (0.2%)
– Birch Forest (0,2%)
– Tall Birch Forest (0,2%)
– Birch Forest Hills (0,2%)
Tall Birch Hills (0.2%)
– Wooded Hills (0,2%)

Beehive and Bee Nest: What's the difference?

The main difference between a Bee Nest or a Beehive lies in the fact that Beehives can be crafted by players, while Bee Nests are naturally spawned during global generation.

They also look very different. Bee Nests have a more familiar stripe pattern, while the Beehive has a slightly brick-like texture. They work in the exact same way, however: they can both be used as housing blocks for up 3 Bees.

For a Crafting Table Beehive, place any wooden planks in the top and bottom rows and then fill the middle row with 3 Honeycomb (see the example below).

How to breed bees

You can get two Bees to mate by giving them each a flower. Bees will follow any player holding a flower. Giving one to a Bee will put them in “Love Mode”.

Similar to other breedable animals like Foxes and Horses, Goats, Goats, and Axolotls. In Love Mode Bees will search for other nearby Bees in Love Mode. They will pair up and produce a baby Bee when they find a suitable mate. This will give the player some XP.

A baby Bee must reach adulthood in one day. However, this can be speeded up by feeding it more flowers (each flower reduces the remaining time by a tenth). After 5 minutes, Bees that have just been bred can no longer breed.

Important note: the breeding cooldown as well as the growth rate are paused if a Bee is in a Beehive/Bee Nest. This is why it's often a good idea to try to breed Bees to break the nests and replace them later.

Bee Behaviour & Pollinating

You'll be able to see in our guide to Minecraft mobs that Bees are neutral mobs. This means that they won't attack you unless provoked. You can provoke a Bee by:

1. Attacking a nearby Bee
2. Destroying a nearby Beehive/Bee Nest
3. Honeycomb/Honeycomb extraction from a Nest without a Campfire underneath.

Bees can sting players if they are angry at them. This can cause damage and poisoning for a short period. Potions can be used to lessen the effects of this. After the attack, the Bee will lose its stinger and will not be able to attack again. It will then die within a few hours.

You can kill a Bee by using the Bane Of Arthropods Enchantment. You can also run away because Bees will stop being hostile once they have sting their target for 25 seconds.

Pollination is a large part of a Bee's behavior. While they spend the night in their hives, the Bees will wander up to 22 blocks in search of pollen during the day.

It will take them time to collect pollen if they find a flower, but not in a pot or berry bush. The Bee will return the pollen to the nest and any crop that they pass along the way will be pollinated. This is the same effect as bone meals: it will accelerate the growth of the crop.

How to harvest Honeycomb and Honeycomb at a Bee Farm

Bees cannot be trained to fight for their owners, so don't expect them to work with slimes and the Wither boss. Bee Farms can be used to harvest Honeycomb and Honeycomb, two resources with different purposes.

Honeycomb can be harvested by Shears using a Beehive, Bee Nest or other device that has reached a honey level of 5.

Honeycomb can be used to make candles and beehives, and it can also “wax” different types of Copper blocks.

To harvest honey, click on the Beehive/Bee Nest and fill it with a empty glass bottle. This will fill the glass bottle with honey.

To produce 3 Sugar, you can place honey in a crafting window. Or, you can put 4 Honey in 2×2 grids to make a Honey Block. This block deters mobs and slows them down, and reduces fall damage to anything that lands on it.

You should make sure to place a campfire under any Beehive, Bee Nest or Bee Nest you are about to harvest Honeycomb or Honeycomb from. This will prevent the Bees attacking you.

Make a Campfire in a Crafting table window by filling the bottom row with 3 Logs. Next, place 1 Coal in middle of grid. Then place 3 sticks to the left and right above the Coal.

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