How to make a shield in Minecraft

01. 07. 2023

How to make a shield in Minecraft

How to Make a Shield

A shield is a defensive weapon that you can craft and equip in Minecraft to protect you from attackers. It is easy to create some protection for yourself when you first start playing Minecraft. These shields are simple rectangles, but you can modify them with unique patterns or even enchant them in certain versions of Minecraft.

You will need:

– A crafting table. – Six wood planks. – One iron ingot.

The process and recipe are the same regardless if you're using Minecraft version 1.x or 2.x. It's also available in the vanilla version of Minecraft so you don't need any mods to make this craft.

These instructions are valid on Minecraft Java Edition, PS4 1.9+ and Pocket Edition, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 1.10.0+ and Education Edition 1.12.0+.

How to Make the Shield

Here's how to make your shield.

Six wood planks are required.

Obtain one iron ingot.

Get out your crafting table.

Place your planks, iron ingot and other materials on the crafting table. Place the iron ingot in central position of the top row. Place planks on the left, right, and middle of the top row.

Drag the shield from your upper right box into your inventory.

Now your shield is ready for use.

How to Get the Components to Make A Shield

You will need iron ore and wood planks to make your shield. Wood planks can be made out of any type of wood. Iron ore can also be found in the groundrock or slightly above sea level.

How to make wood planks

You can chop or punch trees until you have wood logs.

To make enough planks for a shield, you only need two logs

Place your logs in the middle of your crafting table or crafting menu.

Move planks from your upper right box into the inventory.

Planks can be made in four-stacked stacks, so you can quickly make a lot of them.

How to Find Iron Ore and Make Iron Bars

Iron ore is the most commonly found type of ore in Minecraft. You'll find it everywhere. From just above sea level, look underground to reach the bedrock. You may find iron ore veins in the underground if you can find a natural cave or deep ravine. Iron bars can also be found in chests if iron ore is discovered in a village, stronghold mine shaft, tower, sunken ship, or mine shaft.

Here's how you can get iron ore and create an iron bar for your shield.

Locate and mine iron ore.

Open your furnace.

Your furnace will need iron ore and a fuel source such as coal, charcoal, or firewood.

Wait for the iron ingots to smelt.

You can drag the iron ingot into inventory.

How to Decorate a Shield In Minecraft

Once you have built your shield, it is ready to be equipped and used as any other equipment. To personalize your shield, you can decorate it. This is also known as creating a custom shield. It requires a shield and banner.

These instructions are only applicable to Minecraft Java Edition 1.9+. Other Minecraft versions do not support shield customization.

Here's how you can create a custom shield.

Open your crafting menu.

In this pattern, place a banner and shield on the crafting table.

Drag the custom shield from your upper right box to your inventory.

How to make a banner in Minecraft

If you don't have a custom banner you will need one to customize your shield. This is a simple process that requires six wool and a stick to make the banner. Then you will need a loom, a banner and some dye to personalize the banner.

These instructions are applicable to all versions of Minecraft. However, you can only use your banner in the Java Edition to customize your shield.

Here's how you can make your Minecraft banner custom

Get your crafting table menu.

This pattern will require six pieces of wool and one stick.

All wool used must be the exact same color.

Move the banner from your upper right box to your inventory

Open your loom.

Place your banner and dye in the loom interface. Next, choose a pattern from the drop-down list.

The third box, located under the banner and dye on the left side the loom interface, is for an optional banner pattern' item. These can be made with paper or an item. A Skull pattern can be made from a Wither Skeleton Skull + Paper. This will add a skull, crossbones and a banner to it if it is used.