How to make an Iron Golem

12. 31. 2022

How to make an Iron Golem

To defend your village and its inhabitants against any threats, create a Minecraft Iron Golem. These mean-looking guards can protect villagers and buildings against any hostile mobs in Minecraft , such as zombies, skeletons, or raids from illagers. Iron Golems, unlike most other mobs in Minecraft, can be crafted. However, they also naturally spawn in villages. Here's how to create them and how they work.

How to make an Iron Golem from Minecraft

You don't need a Crafting Table to make a Minecraft Iron Golem. Instead, you will need to place blocks in a particular formation.

Four Iron Blocks are required to make an Iron Golem. Each Iron Block contains nine Iron Ingots and one Pumpkin. In Java Edition, the pumpkin must be a Carved Pumpkin, Jack O'Ltern, or a regular pumpkin. In Bedrock Edition, you can use a regular pumpkin. To make it look like an iron scarecrow, place the Iron Blocks in a T shape and then add the Pumpkin in the middle. Refer to the picture above!

If there are no connecting blocks (other than the floor it was on), placing the Pumpkin last will cause an Iron Golem spawn. You can repeat this process as many times as necessary to build your own army.

What Iron Golems do in Minecraft

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Iron Golems have solemnly sworn that they will protect players and villagers provided you don't attack. They are neutral mobs, so unlike cows, pigs, and the like, Iron Golems will not attack you if they attack you.

An Iron Golem will slowly roam the village, patrolling it when it is created within a village. If it isn't in a village it will slowly make its way to the nearest one, fighting any hostile mobs along it way. An Iron Ingot can be used to heal an Iron Golem that has taken damage.

Iron Golems can be a great option if you have enough Iron and a village to protect. You can't name them as you can with normal pets, unfortunately. If you want to have a pet, you might be interested in learning how to tame Minecraft's foxes.