How to make Potions in Minecraft

12. 24. 2022

How to make Potions in Minecraft

Learn how to make Potions in Minecraft. It was a good idea to search for guidance. Potion-making in Minecraft can be quite complex depending on the type of Potion you are making. Once you have collected the various Nether resources, you can start making Potions. However, you can follow this guide to learn how to make Potions in Minecraft 1.18. If you want to defeat Wither, you will need to have plenty of potions on hand.

How to make Potions in Minecraft

- A Brewing Stand to brew potions.

- Blaze Powder to fuel your Brewing Stand.

- Glass bottles to hold your Potions.

- A water source near (Cauldron, Water block).

Every potion begins with a Water Bottle. To create a Water Bottle, simply right-click on a source of water with a Glass Bottle in hand.

There are 3 steps to make a Potion:

1. Make an Awkward Potion (Water Bottle + Netherwart), in the Brewing Stand
2. To specify the Potion effect, add an effect ingredient.
3. (Optional) To alter the nature of the Potion, you can add one or more modifier ingredients.

Steps 2 and 3, however, can be done in reverse order, but step 1 is always taken first (except when you make a Potion Of Weakness, which does not require an Awkward Pottion).

Potion modifier ingredients

Redstone dust can be added to some Potions to extend the effect's duration. These Potions will have an "+" at their end.

The effect of some potions can be corrupted by adding Fermented Spider Eye to them, making it a new type of Potion.

Any Potion can be made into a Splash Potion by adding Gunpowder. Splash Potions can be thrown on to the ground instead of being drunk.

Any Splash Potion can be made lingering by adding Dragon's Breath. Lingering Potions have a limited effect that lasts for a few seconds after breaking. However, the effect can stack if you remain in the area.

Minecraft Potion Chart for 1.18

Although the chart doesn't show how to make Splash or Lingering variants, you can add Gunpowder or Dragon's Breath directly to each Potion.

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All Minecraft Potion Recipes

Awkward Lotion: Water Bottle + Nuer Wart
Potion of Healing: Awkward potion + Glistering Melon
Potion of poison: Awkward Potion + spider eye
Potion of Harming/Poison + Fermented spider Eye
Potion of Regeneration: Awkward potion + Ghast Tear
Potion of Strength: Awkward Potion + Flaze Powder
Potion of Swiftness: Awkward Potion + sugar
Potion of Leaping - Awkward Potion + Rabbit's Foot
Potion of Slowness: Potion Swiftness/Leaping + Fermented spider Eye
Potion of Night Vision: Awkward Potion + Gold Carrot
Potion of Invisibility: Night Vision + Fermented spider Eye
Potion of Fire Resistance - Awkward Potion + Magma cream (made with Slimeballs).
Potion of water breathing: Awkward Potion + Pufferfish
Potion of Turtle Master: Awkward Potion + Turtle Shell
Potion of Slow Falling: Awkward potion + Phantom Membrane
Potion of Weakness + Fermented Spider Eye

Some Potions cannot be made into extended or more powerful versions, but all can be made into Splash and Lingering variants. You can also mix and match the modifiers allowed, such as to create an Extended Lingering Potion of Poison or a Splash Potion of Healing II.

These Potions can be used to take on difficult Minecraft mobs. These Potions are also an important part of PvP fights on Minecraft servers. The battle is often decided by who has more Potions of Strength or Regeneration. The Potion of Invisibility will not help you escape the Warden, who will arrive in 1.19 (also known as The Wild Update).

How to make a Brewing Stand

To open the brewing window, place the Brewing Stand on the ground. Although it looks complicated at first, it's actually quite simple.

- Blaze Powder can be added to the far-left slot to fuel your brewing. This is just like adding Coal to a Furnace.
- The three bottom slots are where you can place the bottles of potions you wish to modify.
- The top slot is where to place an ingredient that will alter the effects of the potions down below.

Each time you add a new ingredient into a potion, it will take 20 seconds for the effect to take place. To save time, there are three slots for potions at the bottom. To keep your Brewing Stand running, you will need Blaze Powder.

This is all you need to make Potions. This is not the case with enchantments, where you need to dedicate a whole room to enchanting bookshelves and tables. A simple Brewing Stand is enough, although a castle or tower would be a great addition to your fantasy aesthetic.

This concludes our guide on how to make potions in Minecraft. If you are not yet ready to venture into the Nether, we recommend our page on how you can find diamonds in Minecraft. If you want to be able to access the Nether right away, check out our list of the best Minecraft seed. You can also use Potion effects in Creative Mode with our Minecraft commands guide. Or, you can increase the number of Potions that you can make using Minecraft mods.