The Minecraft Timeline

12. 04. 2022

The Minecraft Timeline

Minecraft is a unique story, so I created one.

Some notable things from this timeline.

- Notch began working on Minecraft just a few weeks before he took on a new job at jAlbum, the same software this site uses! )- Notch spent a year developing Minecraft before he decided to quit his job. It was estimated that around 20.000 copies had been sold by that point. The game was still in its alpha phase. It was promising, to say the very least.
- The second half 2010 and 2011 must have been crazy. They created Minecraft: Mojang, hired many people, made tons of updates to Minecraft, released a second (completely different) game, talked to Valve, organized MineCon, and sold millions of Minecraft copies!
- Many important Minecraft events seem to have occurred on June 1, a few years in a row (this also happens be Notch's Birthday).

The Minecraft story is far from over. Minecraft is still alive and setting new records. However, Notch and Minecraft were once part of the same story but are now moving in separate timelines.

Whatever happens, the story of Minecraft will continue to be an inspiring tale and the impact it has had on the entertainment and gaming industry will be echoed for many years. This video, which was uploaded to Youtube in 2009, makes it even more special. A demo of something he made in Sweden by an unknown man. It might become a game.